How to Identify Quartz Stone

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    Quartz stone countertops is new technology of colorful artificial stone which is made of small quartz grain, with natural stone texture and luster. Quartz stone is a new kind of interior decoration materials for it is non-radioactive contamination, reusable, enviroment-friendly and green, which are widely used in kitchen countertops, vanity tops, kitchen walls, tables, coffee table, window sills, door pockets, and other fields.
     The bright surface of quartz stone is the result of more than 30 channel complex polishing treatment process, even after prolonged using, the countertop surfaces also keeping bright as new ones. The real quartz stone countertops have a high hardness, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and other characteristics, even with a knife and other sharp blade, the surface will not be scratched. It also has good corrosion resistance against acid-base in kitchen and high temperature resistance which other artificial stone countertops are incomparable.
      Quartz stone is more closer to the natural and not easy to deformation which owns more quartz and less resin. When the content of the resin in quartz stone is higher than 10%, it can not be called a real quartz stone. How to identify the quality of quartz countertops and how to buy genuine quartz stone products is particularly important in the confused products. It can be detected according to the characteristics of quartz how to distinguish between true and false quartz stone and become a master purchaser.
Tip 1: Testing by hydrochloric acid soaking
To maximize profits, some manufacturers will be doped calcium carbonate in quartz stone countertops raw materials. If you buy this kind of tops, they will change easily when in late using stage because the calcium carbonate and acid is easy to react. Accordingly, when purchasing quartz stone, you can ask for a small sample which will be placed in dilute hydrochloric acid or other acidic liquid immersion, and it will react with the acid if the product contains calcium carbonate.
Tips 2: Testing pollution permeability
Quality quartz plate surface and internal structure are the same dense and uniform, so it has low water absorption rate, strong anti-permeability; but those imitated quartz produced by outdated equipment and technology only looks like the same in appearance whose internal structure is porous loose with weak anti-infiltration, strong water absorption and strong penetration. When you purchasing, you can pour the sauce on the face of quartz stone countertop to check whether it’s bleeding, the poor quality quartz stone countertops will seep in one day, and the good quality will not.

Tips 3: Testing wear-resistant with knife
The main component of quartz stone countertops is silicon dioxide with highest hardness, and quartz stone in the market is composed by quartz crystal and synthetic resin which is generally marked quartz content of about 93%. Therefore, the possibility of fracture is very small, and also more wear-resistant. Fake quartz stone has high resin content whose hardness of the surface will be relatively low and it is easy to scratch. When you purchasing, you can use a knife on the countertop to check the quality.

Tips 4: Testing heat-resistant with fire
 Inferior quartz stone contains much resin so the heat resistance will be reduced. Thus, you can use a lighter to burn the sample, and then see whether the surface leave traces.
How to Identify Quartz Quality
1. Hardness: Surface Mohs hardness is seven. One simple test method is to see whether it will leave scratches when we extrude the observation point with iron. High quality quartz stone will not have any scratches.
2. High temperature resistance: can bear 300℃. Putting a stainless-steel mug with boiling water or a burning cigarette ends on the quartz countertop for 30 minutes, high quality quartz stone will have no color change.
3. Clarify the trademark on the surface.
4. Environmental protection: Be able to provide GreenGuard Certification from authorized organization.
5. Fire resistance: Testing with a 10 mm × 30 mm high quality quartz stone thin strips on a flame, it can not be burned.
6.  Acid-Alkaline resistant: Putting 3% hydrochloric acid solution or 100g / L citric acid solution, 30g/L of sodium hydroxide solution or potassium hydroxide solution on the quartz stone surface, it will have no visible changes on the surface.
7. Water absorption: less than 0.04%. Sprinkling a little water on the surface of quartz stone, after 24 hours, high quality quartz stone will not turn white.
8. High-quality quartz stone is free of residual solvent and without pungent chemical odor.
9. All high-quality quartz stone are printed computer anti-counterfeiting code on the back (Namely the color number or code when you choose the countertop stone)