Difference Glory Quartz Stone (including diamond) and Ordinary Quartz Stone

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1. High Hardness, Scratch Resistant.
Glory quartz stone countertop select fine natural quartz sand, which up to 93%. Glory quartz production process using eccentric vibration pressing process, with 60 tons of big press repression, the surface hardness up to Mohs 7-8 degrees higher than normal iron (the crystalline quartz is a kind of minerals only inferior to natural diamonds in hardness).


2. Heat Resistance, No Deformation.
Glory mainly using natural crystalline, Crystalline quartz is typical of refractories, melting point of up to 1300 ° C, after the addition of a small amount of composite materials, diamond surface still has a very high resistance to burning, high temperature resistance, no deformation, the surface won’t warped. Hot cinder off wok or pot in a short time will not melt its surface, discoloration or burst, no damage when hot water or oil spills from the pot. It is the best temperature resistance countertops material other than stainless steel. Ordinary resin sheet artificial stone countertops are often burned by cigarette butts and cinder off pot bottom , but Glory quartz completely possesses the ability to resist these burns and maintains long-lasting smooth and clean.


3. Anti-Corrosion, Impermeable.
Glory quartz stone doesn’t mix marble or granite powder which contains calcium carbonate, Diamond contains a variety of composite materials and superfine quartz powder, ensures high level non-porous structure. Both sheet surface and internal structure are dense and even, with low water absorption rate, only 0.03%, the diamond surface after nanometer fouling resistance process, which means that substantially the material has no infiltration phenomenon, generally kitchen oil, soy sauce, vinegar, wine, fruit juice, coffee, acid, alkali and other substances are difficult to penetrate.

4. Anti-Fading, Anti-Aging.
Glory quartz stone contains high-quality composite agent and expensive anti-aging (UV) additive, which has a strong anti-aging and anti-fade capability. In the long course of Indoors daily life oxidation, aging, corrosion and thermal exposure and other reasons won’t cause color and gloss fading. Common quartz stone use organic dyes dissolve in resin. This quartz stone has bright colors within a year, but with the change of time and light, temperature. It will fade and produce discoloration. And due to different lighting conditions and temperature conditions, the same sheet may has different color.

5. Nontoxic, Non-Radiation

Glory quartz stone color is mainly formed of mineral pigments, the raw material is granulated before the synthetic ,through strict selecting, washing and purification, it is free of heavy metal impurities, and doesn’t exist radioactive problem, which is certified as non-toxic and can be in directly touch with food hygiene materials by National Building Materials.